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We help service companies maximize long-term value. Leverage our industry experience and custom approach to maximize your business today.   

We help service companies create long-term value.

Developing a long-term strategy is difficult to do well, especially in the highly competitive, Bust or Boom, Feast or Famine cycles of the Oil and Gas industry. 

The Service Industry faces many issues that distract you from focusing on Long-Term Results

  • Non-Productive Time (NPT)
  • Pricing Pressure
  • Supply Chain Problems
  • Litigation
  • Employee Turnover
  • Aggressive Competition

Don’t get lost in the weeds. Get to the root of the issues so you can focus on the future

Fulcrum Point Solutions

We provide the Frameworks, Best Practices and Domain Expertise to boost your bottom line today and build sustainable value for tomorrow.

We don’t bring a single, pre-defined solution to all your problems, we work with you to create the best solution for your current situation.

Why Fulcrum Point Works

No Strategy = Bad Strategy

It is more important than ever to be strategic.  A bad strategy, or no strategy at all, will limit the return on your investment and erode the value of your company. 

These are all signs of a bad strategy. 

  • You keep putting out the same fires
  • Employees missing their goals (or not having goals at all)
  • No measurable competitive advantage
  • Employees are not engaged
  • Burnout & high turnover

The 5 Internal Forces driving your Organization


Your unique plan to leverage your organizational capabilities into Competitive Advantage. Your Strategy is the dream that is realized when all other facets of the organization are optimized and aligned to the same goal.


Your systems are how you get things done. These are your Processes, Procedures, Frameworks and Methodologies. The systems will encourage Efficiency, Consistency, Effectiveness and Productivity.


This is how your organization is comprised and how it goes about achieving objectives. These are Roles, Responsibilites, Teams, and Accountabilities. Have the right people in the right seats doing the right things.


Human Capital, often called the most important asset in a company. This is not just the people but also their Skills, Knowledge and Behaviors. People execute your Strategy and drive Continuous Improvement.


Your Culture is the characterization of the entire organization. The behaviors of the people in your organization that contribute to the collaboration and cohesiveness of your organization. The sum of its parts should be greater than the whole.

Let's find a solution that fits your challenge.

We’re commited to finding the right solution for your organization. Whether you are looking to develop a long-term strategy, formulate an exit plan or craft procedures to eliminate costly errors, we can help. 

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